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During my 50 book year last year, I came across a book about living in one of the world’s happier nations for a year; The Year of Living Danishly. This intrigued me because I’m all for happiness. I’ve been battling depression for about  8 years and last year, was one of my darkest and lightest years at the same time (don’t ask me how this is possible). So, I decided to get the book. I love reading about experiments (lots of book I’ve read last year were of experiments; The Geography of Bliss, Eat Pray Love, Better Than Before and The Zero-Waste Lifestyle just to name a bunch).

I thought it would be a quick read, but when I picked it up at the library, it was huge. Being over 350 pages, I normally wouldn’t mind, but it was December. I was aiming to read 52 books. This was book 48. But, despite my worries of my personal deadline, I cracked it open and was welcomed into the world of the danish vikings.

Helen Russel and her husband find themselves going through the motions in England. They were working, socializing, settling down and hoping for a child. They were relaxed in life when Helen’s husband got some news. He was offered a job overseas. After much contemplation, and not wanting to miss the opportunity, they both agree to spend a year in Denmark to see if any happiness comes out of it.

It was so nice to learn about a country that I normally wouldn’t get to know. Being American, I have Canada in my face. England, France and Italy in my face. Even China, India and Japan. But, I hardly get to know about the Scandinavian countries. Which are quite fascinating and quite happy.

I loved reading how to couple attempted to join the culture even if some miscommunication happens along the way.

I really encourage you to give this book a read and to think about how you can take away some pointers in becoming happier yourself. See if your local library has it, and if not, you can get it on Amazon.

What do you think about happiness in other countries?

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