The Future of Back a Notch

I want to be a blogger. I do. I’m just at a point in my life where I do not have the time because I have everything on me.
I have to get everything done regarding paperwork for the apartment, I have to learn how to be independent and juggle grocery shopping, laundry and bills. I have to make sure my cat is okay, that my fiance and I have a lunch everyday and get to my full-time job on time by bike. It’s a lot, but I know this is because I still live at home with all the stresses that come from that. Also, there is no internet here.

When my fiance and I move, I will be closer to work, so I won’t be as exhausted when I come home after biking a total of 10 miles that day. I will have internet because what is a web developer without internet? I will feel more relax because I envision a clutter-free, stress-free home. I will be inspired to write!

To see what this blog is about and what it will be about please visit the about page. As for the future, Taking it Back a Notch will be getting it’s own domain, it may or may not get a new theme (I think this one works out nicely), and I will be adding a YouTube channel that is associated with the blog’s content, so I can give you a tour, show you organization tips and say hi 🙂

Stay tuned…

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