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If you’re new here, welcome! My name is Katelyn Cresmer, and this is one of my passion projects. I started Taking it Back a Notch to document my journey into minimalism. But, then I took my other loves of health, being green, volunteering, making memories and being financially responsible and merged them in here. They’re all related in the end, aren’t they?

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My Minimalism Story

The years before April 2014, I was obsessing over simple living and frugality blogs. I wanted to be as natural and as eco-friendly as possible while saving as much money as I could. In early 2012, I started dreaming about living out of an RV and bookmarked thousands of blog posts and websites I could find on the matter. But, there was a slight problem.

I was an amateur hoarder. I had pride in keeping everything I received in good condition and never losing or giving away anything. Homework assignments from elementary school? Kept them! Old textbooks I didn’t return to my teachers at the end of the year? Got them! Trash-bags upon trash-bags of clothes that I never look through? Check! I had it all and didn’t want to get rid of a single thing. But, then my dream of being free to move around became an itch.

In April 2014, I started researching how to get rid of my stuff. Yes, I wanted directions. I then discovered people living out of backpacks which led to Joshua Becker which led to minimalism. Ahhh, minimalism. My life’s definition found at last. I loved it because it allowed me to let go. It allowed me to be free of stuff. But, it also allowed me to do it my way. Minimalism can be molded to be whatever you want it to be. As long as you’re getting rid of things that don’t serve a purpose in your life and bringing in things that do serve a purpose, you’re a minimalist.

So, being the web developer and tech geek that I am, I started a blog to document my journey. You can see my early posts on of I minimized my desktop, my shoes, my old clothing dream list and my tiny apartment.

Popular Posts:

In 2015, I did a year long challenge of going through a different area of my apartment every two weeks and getting rid of stuff. I also filmed each area and posted it on YouTube, so you can see my process in a more face-to-face format.

In 2016, I took inventory of my stuff and my goal was to get rid of 50% of it. Click here to see if I accomplished my goal!

Now, I am writing a book about minimalism!

Minimalism Freebees for You:

I’ve been mentioned on sites such as Geek Girls Rising, TheStreet, Work-At-Home Success and Lenpenzo.

I hope to see you in the comments or on twitter @backanotch or @katelyncresmer. Shout me a hello 🙂

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