Spring Cleaning

Today is spring, and although I am writing this while there is snow on the ground, the weather is about to get warmer and the flowers are about to bloom. And, people are about to get the urge to start spring cleaning.

The warm, fresh air somehow invokes the thought of cleaning within us. Every year, many people get out the cleaning supplies and get to work deep cleaning their lives. I have the urge to clean, too. I want everything to be clean and tidy, so I can spend more time outside.

That’s why yesterday, my husband and I spent an hour and a half deep cleaning our space. Only an hour and a half? Not including laundry, yes. But, before I have purged the items that didn’t play an important role in my life, cleaning like this would have meant a whole day.

Being a minimalist lets me spend less time on doing things I dislike. Spring cleaning is now a breeze. Let’s take advantage of the new season and deep clean our lives.

a new season

January was full of hopes and goals. Most people quit their resolutions by the end of March, but it’s okay to restart them again. While you are cleaning you can choose to use this time as a fresh start. There are many times where people like to start fresh. Some examples are the beginning of the week, the start of the month, the new year, a new quarter. The start of a new season can be a great refresher as well.

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning as a minimalist is exciting! Some people can spend a whole week deep-cleaning their homes. But, minimalists have less stuff. That means there’s less stuff to clean. Most minimalists don’t have to worry about overstuffed garages, over-filled attics or overflowing basements. They don’t have to worry about doing major room organizations or decluttering. They already did the last part. What takes some people a whole weekend or week, could take a minimalist less than a day.

It’s not too late to start. It takes time, but all you have to do is get rid of items in your life that are not important to you. The items that serve no value. The items that just sit around taking up space without being used, worn, loved.

get a jump start on spring cleaning with my mini-course

Last year, I created a decluttering jump-start course. If you need a boost to get started, you can check it out. It’s completely free! It will give you a mini-mission every day. It’s meant to put the decluttering bug in you. The hardest part of achieving your goals is getting started. Once you start, there will be a momentum that will carry you on your journey. That’s what my mini-course does. It starts the momentum.

check out my youtube video on spring cleaning as a minimalist

Below is my video on spring cleaning as a minimalist.

Minimalism is designed to make your life easier and freer. One area that takes up a lot of time and is caused by having a lot of stuff is chores. How about this spring we take a step in the direction of less stuff, fewer chores and more time outside.

other areas that need cleaning

Spring Cleaning your home will only take you so far. There are other areas in your life that could use a good scrubbing to give you less stress.


If you haven’t looked at your financial situation in awhile, now will be a good time to do it. Look at all your debt, income and expenses and see where you stand. You can also check up on your credit score on Credit Karma for free. Knowing where you stand in your finances gives you a better understanding and more control over making them better.

Making a budget that will help you achieve your financial goals can be challenging, but rewarding! You will know exactly where your money should be going. And, you will not have to stress about spending because you got a plan!


With our busy lives, we tend to not treat our bodies well. So, consider giving your body a nice cleanse as part of your spring cleaning. Try to up your water intake to around 12 cups of water for a full week and see how you feel. You may also want to try a day full of clean eating. Eating clean gives your body a break from all the processed foods a lot of people eat day to day.

Here is a sample clean eating menu:

Breakfast: Smoothie (Water, 4 dates, wheatgrass, a handful of frozen fruit), Oatmeal

Lunch: A huge salad, vegetable soup (potatoes, onions, celery, carrots, mixed vegetables, diced tomatoes) over top some rice

Dinner: Beans and veggies


We have two lives to deal with. Our physical lives and our digital lives. And, our digital clutter is just as bad as the physical clutter.

Some ways to detox our digital clutter is going through our email. A challenge to have with yourself is to get to Inbox Zero. Inbox Zero is when you have zero messages in your inbox. Everything is sorted, replied to, archived or deleted. This can be so overwhelming due to all the newsletters we sign up for.

There’s an online tool you can check out to help you declutter your email subscriptions. Unroll.me finds all your newsletters that you are signed-up for and lists them out so you can go through and unsubscribe to the ones you don’t want anymore.

Another digital clutter spot is your bookmarks. Go through your bookmarks and see what you don’t care about anymore.

And last but not least, is your phone. I hate having the notification that my storage is running out, but it’s almost always a thing. To conquer this, go through your phone’s memory and declutter! Delete photos, videos and apps you are not using. Backup wanted photos to a hard drive and then delete them from your phone. An added bonus to all the new storage you will gain is that your phone will run a lot faster, too!

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be all about your stuff, it can be about other areas in your life too. But, one thing is certain. When you have less stuff, you’ll have less stuff to clean.

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