Raw Vegan Progress So Far


I haven’t had fish in over two weeks. I am ashamed that I have been calling myself a vegetarian for over five years when in reality, I ate enough fish to give someone mercury poisoning. Claiming to be pescatarian was a lot more work than just telling people that I’m a vegetarian.

Why did I continue to eat meat? Well, for convenience. I know that sounds shitty because I am still harming animals and the environment and everything I stand for, but I hate inconveniencing people. It started out with just my family. I decided to go vegetarian on a whim. “Hey, guys. I love animals and am confused as to why I am eating them. So, I refuse to eat them. And, as the primary grocery shoppers of the house, I expect you to bend your food budget to my will.”

My family didn’t know what to do at first. I didn’t know what to do. I gained 10 pounds because instead of filling up on meat, I started to fill up on bread and junk food. My family had the responsibility to feed their 15 year old child, so they advised that I continue to eat fish.

I agreed. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, right? Lame excuse. So, I continued. The fish thing came in handy when going over to friends’s houses and over to my husband’s family. By this point, I could’ve easily stopped and opted for salads and yummy veggie burgers. But again, inconvenience. When my husband’s sweet grandmother asked, “what do you eat? What can I feed you?” Fish. Don’t worry about anything please sweet grandmother! I eat fish!

No more. I am not hurting fish anymore. I am done. ( tweet this )

My Raw Vegan Progress So Far

In a previous post, I had written out my goal of being a raw vegan into phases. I have learned in the past that cold turkey doesn’t work for me, so I will have a year-long transition period. The first phase? Becoming fully vegan. I am working towards this. I can officially say that I have been completely vegetarian for two weeks. Vegan is going to be hard. I have chocolate in my face. I have family serving me vegetables without telling me that they are buttered. I have mocha frappes in my face.

More excuses? Yes. But, I’m getting somewhere. At least Oreo cookies are vegan.

I also found this cool app. It’s called Happy Cow and it’s a search engine that allows you to find vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants and stores wherever you are. I coughed up the $3.99 because I knew this was something I was going to need. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and it’s nice to see where I can get food! The cool thing is, you can save locations for upcoming trips. So, my next two trips to Ocean City and Baltimore are already scanned with nearby vegan options. Here’s to no more excuses!!

So, my next action steps are simple. Stay off the fish. Stop eating chocolate. Find a vegan version of mocha frappes. Stop eating the food the family makes.

Sounds simple on paper, but it’ll be hard to actually do it. So, wish me luck!

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