My Minimalist Shoes

I’ve been thinking about all the topics that I want to write about, and I decided to start from my roots. In the very beginnings of this blog, I did a post on my shoes. I had 13 pairs of shoes. I was saying that I would soon pare them down — which I did — but I also made some excuses for a few of them. One example were my Ravens slippers. I said that these slippers didn’t count because I wanted everything that supported my favorite football team.

But, they do count. And, I no longer have them. In fact, I no longer have any of those 13 pairs of shoes.

At this current moment, I have exactly 4 pairs of shoes. This is a big improvement on the 13, and even though I could get rid of another pair, I am happy with where I am.

So, my shoes consist of my everyday slip-ons, my sneakers, my winter boots and a pair of heels. I could get rid of the heels, but they make me super happy!

I am also thinking about getting two more in the future. When summer comes, I may want a pair of flip-flops and since I live on a farm now, I really want some hiking boots.

But, for now, 4 pairs of shoes is all I need. I’m keeping this post short in honor of my short and sweet first post on my shoes.


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