Minimalist Moving

I am moving next month. My fiance and I are finally ready to move out on our own away from our parents.

We chose a tiny 415 sq. ft. apartment. I am so excited because it had given me the incentive to get rid of more stuff. (tweet this) Since my last few posts, I have gotten rid of 80% of my paper clutter and files (this included every single worksheet and note I ever took throughout my school career), more clothes, some artwork from college and middle school, my Smallville DVDs (it pained me, but I want to get the whole collection in one box and my sisters are making great use of them; Smallville is constantly being watched now 🙂 ), and a few purses.

I can’t wait to get rid of more!

My goals before the move:

The only thing that worries me is my large box and large bin full of pictures. Also, I just bought a new bike. Where am I going to put two bikes!?

Have you ever reduced your stuff before moving?

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