Inventorying My Stuff


This year, one of my minimalist goals is to further reduce my items. I want to eventually live out of a backpack, and although, that’s way down the road, I want way less stuff to make moving easier.  I’m constantly moving place to place. I’ve had 16 addresses, and I’m only 20 years old.  I’m sick of lugging baggage around with me everywhere that I go.

When sitting down and evaluating my goals for 2016, I thought about my 2015 minimalist challenge. How I have gotten loads and loads off of my shoulders in just one year.  I know I still have a lot of stuff that I would like to part with because I am not satisfied. I still feel weighed down.  I didn’t want another challenge of going through each area and minimizing. I needed a new approach.

So, I decided to start inventorying stuff.  I wanted to list out everything I owned, so I could read a list and evaluate that way. It was too much work going through things and touching items. Items have a way of convincing you that they should stay. ( tweet this ) So, I went through all my things and made a spreadsheet.

I don’t know how “50%” came to mind. Maybe I felt that getting rid of 50% of my things would literally lift half the weight off of my shoulders. So, my goal this year is to get rid of 50%  of my things.

Inventorying My Things

What I Didn’t Count

I didn’t count items that were shared between my fiance and I. I have no right to take the box filled with our kitchen supplies and get rid of it without consulting him first. This year, I just want to focus on me. I’ll tackle shared items another time. Maybe when we live by ourselves again and he realizes that we’re carrying around four boxes of kitchen gadgets that we hardly use, he’ll be more reasonable.

I didn’t count my fiance’s items.

I didn’t count every single tiny thing. If there was a stack of paper, that counted as one because I didn’t want to waste time counting every single sheet.

My Personal Inventory

Here are the different categories of my things and the numbers. My overall number was 417 items.

Clothes: 142 Books: 20 Electronics: 38 Misc: 75 Hygiene: 68 Cats: 10 Paper: 36 Furniture: 3 Linen: 25

It seems like such a small number compared to people with thousands of items, but to me it’s still weighing me down. I don’t want to think about these items anymore. I don’t know if I’ll reach 50% this year. It might end up being 20% or 80% and that’s okay. The 50% is not set in stone, it is a guideline. I’ll stop when I am happy.

Have you ever took inventory on your things?

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