Getting Rid Of Weight


I’m posting about my journey so I can stay accountable.

I need to get back to my lowest weight. I looked so happy and felt so light. I literally gained every single pound back that I worked so hard to lose.

So, here is the plan.

90 oz of water a day
30 oz of lemon water a day
1 squeezed grapefruit optional
2 cups of tea optional

Super smoothie. (890 calories)
More fruit
Salad optional

At least 10 mile bike ride every weekday
Exercise everyday. Weekends can be an easy walk or rebounding.

Only eat calories based on MFP.

Only drink water.

Only eat raw foods.

Only eat between the hours of 5pm and 9pm.  Beverages can be consumed whenever.

If you want to follow me on MFP, my username is KTRXS. Send me a message!

My goal is to get back to my lowest weight by July 18th. That is about 2 pounds per week which is really reasonable.

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