Getting Into Raw Veganism


For the past year or so, I’ve been researching and reading textbooks on health. What I’ve discovered, is that to be healthy and to live without most common diseases and illnesses, I need to eat a vegan diet. And, not just any vegan foods. Highly raw, plant-based, 80/10/10 veganism is the way to go. I’m actually really excited that I get to stuff my face with fruits.

My goal by the end of this year is to transition from eating a pescatarian-vegetarian diet to a raw vegan diet. That means no animal products, no grains, no oils and no salt.

I’ve been dabbling and testing the waters. Although, I love it. I have some demons to overcome; namely, chocolate and potatoes. So, like all goals should have, I need a plan.

I’m thinking of going about this in three phases.

Phase One

Eating a vegan diet. Trying to become fully vegan. I’m allowed cooked foods for the transition and if I want fish once in awhile, I won’t beat myself up over it.

Phase Two

No more fish. No more processed vegan foods. Start eating a clean, plant-based vegan diet. I’m still allowed cooked foods, but I should start doing something like the rawtil4 only no grains.

Phase Three

Transition into fully raw.


So, what does this mean? What am I going to eat?

Well, anything nature naturally provides us, of course! I believe that we are not meant to eat animals. Our nails are thin, and teeth are dull. If I went out there in the wild right now (without a weapon; that’s cheating!) I wouldn’t be able to capture, kill, tear open flesh, and eat raw meat. My body isn’t made for that.

So, I will enjoying the naturally sweet, juicy and delicious fruits, vegetables and some nuts and seeds.

What about protein/carbs/fat/b12/vitamins/minerals/etc?

Thanks for you concern! But, as I mentioned above, I will be following an 80/10/10 diet. Which means 80% of my calories will be coming from carbs. We are made to believe carbs are bad for you when in fact we need carbs to make glucose to make our bodies function properly. The other 20% will be split between proteins and fat. People get really concerned when someone goes meatless. “Where will you get protein?” “Are you getting enough protein?” “You need protein, you know.” Yes, I know. But, what you don’t know is that we don’t need as much protein as you think. Another fact that you might not know is that I will be getting plenty of protein from all the dark, leafy vegetables I will be consuming.

As for the other vitamins and minerals, if I ever find that I am becoming deficient in a certain area, I am not opposed to supplementing for awhile and learning what other foods I can incorporate to give me the vitamin naturally.

Have you ever went raw? What was you experience?

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