Bragging About Debt?

This sounds really weird and I’m still a little confused about it. But, yesterday I had a little conversation that ended with me confused and thinking about debt.

I had overheard part of these two guy’s conversation. One apparently went to a four-year school, got a Bachelor’s degree and had to get an internship before graduation; the other went to a two-year school, got an Associate’s degree and didn’t need to get an internship before graduation. The Associate degree guy said, “well, I didn’t need an internship because I went to a two year and people who go to two years don’t need internships.” I interrupted him right there because I had gone to a two-year school, earned an Associate’s degree, and I had to get an internship before I graduated. Everyone at my school needed to. So, I told him this, and he asked me where I went to school and I answered him. He then said, “Well, you probably don’t owe back as much as I do.”

They walked away, and I sat and pondered. What? Are you trying to out top me with debt? (tweet this) Are you trying to say your situation is worse than mine because you have more debt, and I should feel sorry for you? Does having more debt than me make you feel better? I would think that if a school made you get an internship to get more experience and credibility has a little more prestige than the ones that don’t and it would cost more. How do you decide who has the most debt based on internships and schools?

I looked up his school and looked at the tuition information about his major and his tuition is $4,000 more dollars than mine was. Wow! A whole $4,000 dollars more. I can’t even tell the amount he owes back based on that. I don’t know if he had scholarships or grants. I don’t know how much financial aid he received. And, honestly, I don’t care. I just want to know what makes him feel better about saying he has more debt?

We all have our debts, and I bet it’s slowly killing us. It’s always on the back of our minds, some have so much that they can’t eat properly because they can’t afford food and some have had their houses go into foreclosure. We all have it and we all don’t want it. We want to get rid of it because it is a burden. I don’t see any competition in who has the most debt. I hope it doesn’t way him down, and I hope it doesn’t way me down, and I hope it doesn’t way you down, readers.

Have you ever witnessed someone bragging about debt?

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