Spring Cleaning

Today is spring, and although I am writing this while there is snow on the ground, the weather is about to get warmer and the flowers are about to bloom. And, people are about to get the urge to start spring cleaning.

The warm, fresh air somehow invokes the thought of cleaning within us. Every year, many people get out the cleaning supplies and get to work deep cleaning their lives. I have the urge to clean, too. I want everything to be clean and tidy, so I can spend more time outside.

That’s why yesterday, my husband and I spent an hour and a half deep cleaning our space. Only an hour and a half? Not including laundry, yes. But, before I have purged the items that didn’t play an important role in my life, cleaning like this would have meant a whole day.

Being a minimalist lets me spend less time on doing things I dislike. Spring cleaning is now a breeze. Let’s take advantage of the new season and deep clean our lives.


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