5 Minutes of Stress Relief


Since we all have lives, there’s comes a time where we feel really stressed out. This may be once in a while or it may be often, but stress can have negative effects on our body. It is a sign that we are feeling overwhelmed and that we need to have a break.

But, how can you possibly have a break when you have so much to do, and you have no time? Well, breaks don’t have to mean a half hour lunch break or an hour relaxing in a bath. We can treat ourselves to 5 minute mini breaks that will take our stress levels down and leave us feeling refreshed. Here’s a list you can do if you’re feeling stressed and need to relax.

Listen to Your Favorite Song (or Two)
Sit back, close your eyes and don’t do anything else but listen to the song. If you are afraid of people distracting you, you can always go into a bathroom stall. Another thing you could do is dance to the music if you’re feeling a little energetic.

Meditate with Calm
Calm.com is a great website that has wonderful, natural sounds that will calm you. It even has an option to guide you through meditation with simple prompts on the screen. They also have an app, so you can ‘calm’ wherever you are.

Get up and stretch! Your body is sore from running around. Take a few minutes to stretch out your muscles, so they can keep working for you.

Take a Walk
Make it a power walk, so you can get the blood flowing. Spend 5 minutes walking up and down stairs, around your building or outside.

Take in Nature
Take a moment to admire nature. Your days can go by so fast that you forget what a beautiful thing our planet is. ( tweet this ) So, take in a sunset, a garden, a body of water, wild animals and even man-made art and architectures.

Our days are stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if we regularly give our bodies a break during the day. Try out some of these tips and see the calming results afterwards.

How do you get 5 minutes of stress relief?

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