2015 Minimalist Challenge: The Bookshelf

So, a few weeks ago, I proposed a minimalist challenge that had me de-cluttering and minimalizing a different area in my apartment once a month. Well, over the past few weeks, I thought that I should change it to every two weeks. So, here is the first area in the challenge series: my bookshelf.

My bookshelf was pretty cluttered. I wouldn’t have even called it a bookshelf at that point. It was more like a vertical junk drawer. Anything that didn’t have a spot to call it’s own, went straight for the bookshelf to be crammed with all the other homeless items. I never liked how it looked because it was so unorganized and it was the dedicated place to throw things in. It started to ‘irk’ me everyday. Since my apartment is tiny, I would constantly see it. I would be constantly reminded that the bookshelf is not serving it’s purpose. That I have work to do. It weight on me. So, I decided I was going to tackle it first. It was a major challenge because of how much stuff was in it, and I couldn’t finish it, but I did make the headway. It’s starting to looking a little spacious! Organizing it made it look a little better, but I’m not done with it yet. It is still ‘irking’ me. I know that I’m not using these things on the shelves, but I’m having a hard time letting go. Hopefully, when I start to go back through things, I can get rid of more stuff. Sometimes, you have to let your brain ponder of it for a while before it realizes that hey, we don’t really need this.

This is the first post of my minimalist challenge. Next up? My file cabinet. Go see how I attempt to tackle my paper clutter.

Are you challenging yourself to declutter your belongings?

//This post is part of a series that I did in 2015. I challenged myself to declutter a different spot in my living space every two weeks and document it with a video. You can see the rest of the posts by clicking this link.// 

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