2015 Minimalist Challenge: Shoes

I went through my shoes last year, and it was time to go through them again.

Not much was taken away, but progress is being made. I remember, about 2 years ago, when I had every shoe I owned since 4th grade. And, they all still fit! I’m not sure what that says about my feet, but I couldn’t possibly wear all them.

Here’s an updated list from last year:

Pink sneakers Replaced with current running shoes.
Blue sneakers
-Professional black pumps
Professional brown flats
-Clogs (not the ugly plastic ones. The cork kind)
Black and white graduation heels Broke before graduation.
Brown flats
Tan sandals with a flower
Cowgirl heel/boots
-Pink booty slippers
-Ravens slippers
-Blue flip-flops (these didn’t make the list last year for some reason, but I’ve had these for years)

What did you think of this?

//This post is part of a series that I did in 2015. I challenged myself to declutter a different spot in my living space every two weeks and document it with a video. You can see the rest of the posts by clicking this link.// 

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