2015 Minimalist Challenge: My Clothes

Ahh, clothes. This seems to be everyone’s favorite topic in the minimalism community. Capsule wardrobes, versatile pieces, and folding techniques are all the rage. I present to you: my wardrobe.

Last time, my fiance and I went through his clothes and it turned out to be a success! This time, I’m going through my clothes. I got rid of a lot which surprised me because last year, I got rid of about 80% of my wardrobe, and I haven’t bought anything new! I actually thought that I was at the bare minimum with my clothes. Since, it was just enough to fill up three baskets (I don’t have/ want a dresser), and to hang a few pieces up on a closet rod, I though my amount was good.

But, again I was not wearing a lot of the clothes. And, in this video, I still struggled with getting rid of them even when I know I don’t wear them. They’re the ‘just in case’ items. Just in case I suddenly become really girly and start wearing skirts for fun. I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. And, if it does, I can have fun shopping for the pieces that bring me a lot of joy. I don’t feel that I am done yet. My goal is to have all my clothes fit into a backpack.

//This post is part of a series that I did in 2015. I challenged myself to declutter a different spot in my living space every two weeks and document it with a video. You can see the rest of the posts by clicking this link.// 

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